Hand Painted:"Dancing Ganesha" on cottonT shirt

Hand Painted:"Dancing Ganesha" on cottonT shirt


Beautifully Hand Painted T shirt using Permnent Eco Friendly Fabric paints .


Ganesha is the God of wisdom, success and good luck.  He is also known as the Destroyer of Obstacles and Difficulties. Therefore, he is being honoured and worshipped at the beginning of every new venture, ceremonies or rites.


Lord Ganesha is also worshipped for being the patron of arts, literature and sciences. Arts here refer to performing arts as well as various forms of fine arts. He is often addressed as ‘Rangaraj’ which means a dancer and a performer par excellence.


Lord Ganesha’s style of dancing is a beautiful synthesis of two dance forms which he inherited from his parents- Tandava from his father Lord Shiva and Lasya from his mother Goddess Parvati. Therefore, before every performance, musicians, dancers or fine arts performers, they honour Him by singing his ode.


Hindu mythology more than often describe him to be a prolific dancer. This gets represented on paintings, sculptures and scriptures. The LingaPurana and the Ganesh Purana tells us in details why and how Lord Ganesha is considered to be the deity of performing arts.

The dancing form of Ganapati is called ‘Nritya-Ganapati’. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Nritya’ means ‘dance’. His dancing form is considered to be the 15thof the 32 forms in which the elephant-head Hindu deity emerges. Hindu mythology and scriptures refer to Him as a happy dancer and his dancing form reveals His relaxed and enjoyable form.


Size : 42

Artist: Rabiya

  • Care Instructions:

    Hand wash in cold water with gentle liquids only.

    While ironing lay flat inside out and iron